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I need to give a shout out to this mommy right now. And to all those other mommies who are unsure if they want to be in their newborns pictures or not. To start heres a little back story. Allison contacted me to schedule some newborn photos. While talking and getting to know her and what she needs a little better, she shared with me how these are going to mean so much to her. Five years ago when she had her 1st son she explained she didn’t do newborn photos because she thought her and her husband could take some at home…. well that didn’t go as planned. And now more than ever she wishes she would have hired a professional to capture those special moments.

While waiting for the arrival of her 2nd son, Allison filled out a questionnaire I had sent her. In that questionnaire she had stated she wanted a few family pictures and a lot of pictures with big brother. GREAT! Fast forward to the day before her session, while chatting on the phone Allison began to express her doubts and that she no longer wanted to be in the pictures. I immediately told her yes you do and let me tell you why you need to.  I photograph mothers hours after delivery and they all say the same thing. I don’t feel pretty, I can’t fit into anything etc. etc. but this is why you hired a professional. I know all the angles, tips and tricks to capture a beautiful image that you will be proud to show off. Reason number two. Remember how you told me you wish you would have gotten pictures done with your oldest. I promise that although you may feel like you don’t want to right now, later you will be wishing you had.

So thank you Allison! Thank you for hiring a professional photographer and trusting me to give  you a beautiful portrait that you will cherish for years and years!

newborn baby boy with mother|Des Moines newborn photographer