Comfy Aerie sweatshirt on sale!!!


Cute, comfortable and cozy sweatshirt from Aerie. I love to wear this all the time, especially with my growing belly during this pregnancy.

If you were to walk into my home, at any given moment, this is often how you would find me…

In my favorite pair of $1.00 clearance sweatpants from Walmart (found in store), an over sized sweatshirt from Aerie (which is currently on MEGA sale right now), surrounded by pillows.

I’m sure any women pregnant in the winter time can relate. Especially in her third trimester.

I am always looking for an awesome deal. The very first thing I do when I walk into the a store, is walk the outside aisles and work my way in, checking out all the clearance. It almost gives me a high when I find a good deal. I am also OBSESSED with Hip2Save. She lists all kinds of amazing deals. Everything from clothes, toys, kitchen items, home, electronics, to outdoor. I love it soooo much. She will spot the sale, show you the coupons or discount codes to use and how to do it. SHE IS AMAZING! I pretty much get all of my Christmas shopping done by the end of summer because I am always checking her site for deals. So I am going to share the goods!

The current outfit I am wearing in the picture above is on SUPER SALE!

There are several on here that are just as cute, and look just like it and for even cheaper. Like this Aerie Plush Hometown Sweatshirt normally $44.95 on sale for $22.47!! Pretty sure I need to snag that one!

 I also want this Aerie Striped Tee, only $17.47!!! normally $34.95.

If anyone snags these awesome deals, be sure to tag @kendramorganloves on Instagram to update me. I would love to see what you all grab. It’s the best feeling to grab something so great for so cheap!