Echo Dot for Kids

Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition Only $34.99 Shipped (Regularly $70)

This Echo Dot Kids Edition is going to be the coolest Christmas gift! I have told you all a million times before, I LOVE to shop for good deals. My goal is to have all of my Christmas shopping done, including parents, by October this year.

It drives me bonkers waiting until the last minute to start shopping for Christmas. Prices sky rocket, the crowds go crazy and it’s just stressful.


With the help of Hip2Save, I am able to get a majority of my shopping done before Christmas. Collin is a lifesaver. I literally check her app like three times a day to keep up on all the deals. She announces deals on everything! Home, clothes, toys, etc. She will tell you where the sale is, when to get it, AND how to get additional money off of it. She will list the coupons or codes to use in addition with the sale to make the item even cheaper! IT’S AMAZING!!!

Anyways, that is how I found out about the Echo Dot for Kids. First off I didn’t even know this product existed. The kids use our Echo Dot in the kitchen DAILY! They play hot potato, play songs, check the weather, do all the things! We love it so much. Emma asks all the time to have one in her room but I never want to give one just for her room because of the accidental “miscommunication”. I’m sure every mom knows what I’m talking about. The time when your kid says one thing and Alexa brings up a horror story, or something naughty.

I no longer have to worry about having a mishap with the Echo Dot for Kids. It only plays kid friendly songs and books! She can set alarms for school, check the weather to dress for the day, ask how to spell words when we are not near by, I am just so excited for this. She is going to love having her own Echo Dot!Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition Only $34.99 Shipped (Regularly $70)


I also love how we can have total control over it. Just like any other device, we don’t want our kiddos to be completely consumed with their electronics. Using Amazon’s app we can set limits to it and see what they have been up to. Because who doesn’t want to be a fly on the wall with their kiddos. We can also speak from our Echo Dot in the kitchen to theirs up in their room! Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition Only $34.99 Shipped (Regularly $70)Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition Only $34.99 Shipped (Regularly $70)


How wonderful too, that it comes with a two year warranty, so if they have an “accident” like it falling and breaking, they will send us a new one for FREE! Although the protective case it comes with should be helpful for that. Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition Only $34.99 Shipped (Regularly $70)


Grab this Echo Dot Kids Edition NOW! It’s normally $70.00 on sale for $34.99!!!