Finding my Husband on Spring Break

Nearly twelve years ago, I made a decision to go on a trip, that changed my life forever! I never thought I would find my husband on Spring Break!

Because it is snowing, yet again, in March; I’m going to throw it way back to a time when I was surrounded by sand, sun, and margaritas!

But to get it all started I feel like I need to give a little back story first.


I was eighteen, a senior in high school, going on my first spring break vacation as an adult, (I use that term loosely, hehe) to the Bahamas! I was there with my best friend and her mother. (See I told you I was using that term loosely) We had such an amazing time. It was my first time ever going on a plane, my first time out of the country. We had met so many new people. Specifically a group of guys who were going to school at the University of Tennessee. We became fast friends, hangin out with them all week and continued to keep in touch after our vacation. We couldn’t have asked for a better trip.

Fast forward a year; I had graduated high school, was going to school part time at a community college, and working, part time, as a manager at Powerhouse Gym. My best friend had approached me saying she and her mother were going to go back to the same place in the Bahamas and really wanted me to go. Because money and time were  tight paying for part of my college and working at the gym, I declined the invitation to go back to the Bahamas.

Being the amazing friend Kelsey is, she didn’t give up and offered to help pay my way to go on the trip until I could save enough money to pay her back. If it had been any other person, of course I would have declined the amazing offer. But because we grew up literally next door to each other, we were like sisters; and she wouldn’t take no for an answer. lol


Stepping off of that plane, feeling the warm breeze take away my troubles, felt amazing. I was so happy my girlfriend would not take no for an answer.

We immediately ran up to our room, freshened up and got ready to head out for the night. I got done getting ready early and decided to head down to the bar with my friend’s mother while the other girls continued getting ready. As Jan (Kelsey’s mother) and I approached the bar, it was there that I saw three guys directly across from me. They were all super cute, I couldn’t wait for the girls to get down there with me. I’m not sure if we left first or the guys did, either way nothing was said, until we later saw them at the same place we were, at a bar in the town square. By then, we had enough liquid courage in us to head over to the guys and say hello.

The next morning…

we laid on the beach, with a Bahama Mama in our hands, and reminisced about the previous night. For some reason the girls and I remembered the guys we had met being weird or clingy or something (who knows what we were thinking) and didn’t want to hang out with them again.

Later, as we walked into the ocean, we spotted the boys. They called out to us before we could make a run for it.

And I’m so glad they did.

It was there, while standing in the ocean, that we found out that we had a mutual friend. The boys, we were currently talking to, were also from Tennessee, going to school at the University. They too, knew the guys we had met from the previous year while on spring break. We had told them that we were going to be meeting back up with them later that evening, and they said us too! After chatting with them for a few hours, not being under the influence (well, maybe just a little) we realized they were pretty cool, and agreed to meet our friends together later that evening.

It was also in that moment, that I first realized Devon (my husband) was pretty cute. I’ll never forget the moment he was standing by me in the ocean and glanced over at me, flashing the cutest smile. (I’m a sucker for a good smile)

That spring break vacation, we all became inseparable. We spent every day and evening together. It felt like we had been friends for years.

One specific evening, may have been the night I fell in love with Devon. It was by far one of the most embarrassing moments for us, ESPECIALLY Devon. Spring break vacation in Freeport, BahamasSpring break vacation in Freeport, Bahamas


We were all hanging out at the hotel bar, when we heard karaoke start. Immediately Devon’s friends began telling us how Devon was a great singer. They discreetly asked us to help distract Devon while they signed him up. When the announcer called Devon’s name he almost didn’t go up. Somehow he found the courage and sang “Let’s Get it on,” by Marvin Gaye! The crowd LOVED him. Now here’s where it gets embarrassing! The announcer must have been previously watching us, because as soon as Devon finished singing his song, the announcer came up to me, and pulled me on stage and made Devon sing to me. The song was “Have I told you lately (that I love you)” by Rod Stewart. 

I’m sure my face was as red as a tomato. Luckily the announcer didn’t make him finish the entire song. I’m pretty sure the first thing we did when we got back to our seats was reach for our drinks!Spring break vacation in Freeport, Bahamas singing have I Told You lately by Rod StewartSpring break vacation in Freeport, Bahamas singing have I Told You lately by Rod Stewart


Devon and I knew we had something special. We both agreed, that we didn’t want this one spring break vacation, to be the last time we spoke about each other.

After dating long distance for about a year, I made the decision to move to Knoxville, Tennessee to further our relationship. Being away from my family was one of the hardest things I have ever done. But proved to be the right decision.


I use to be embarrassed to say I met my husband on Spring Break. But now when I look back on it, it’s sort of like a fairy tale. I later found out that Devon, too, was not able to go on the vacation, until his friend offered to help. It’s crazy to think how different our lives would be, had our friends not done everything in their power, to make sure we went on that vacation.

I can’t believe twelve years later, we are married and have three children.

Maybe some day soon we can go back to paradise, and renew our wedding vows!

Spring break vacation in Freeport, Bahamas