Getting it right in the camera

I just found this article on For anyone who doesn’t know what white balance is, this is a perfect example of how big of an impact it will make on your images. If you custom white balance right before your shoot you can get an almost perfect picture EVERY TIME! Once I figured out how to white balance I went from a good photographer to great photographer. It takes about 3 seconds to custom white balance and saves my editing process about 5 minutes at least.  For anyone who is looking to make their images better, THIS IS IT!!! Pick up a grey card and read your manual. Those two things will change your work entirely

(If you notice in the post below titled The essentials I have my grey card laying under my camera. It is that important)

Auto-white balance (this is what your camera automatically defaults to)


Custom white balance (change the setting to custom wb and take a picture of your grey card)


photos taken by Bethney Backhaus