How to Stay Calm

Last night while watching “The Walking Dead” I had a really hard time staying calm. Well, of course watching a bunch of dead zombies attacking everyone would work anyone up. But what was actually bothering me was thinking our current situation with the Coronavirus didn’t seem so different from the show I was watching. Dramatic, I know but it felt true. This unknown virus is spreading like wild fire and we feel out of control.

My heart began to race, I started to feel panicky and I couldn’t calm down. I so badly wanted to take a Xanax. Unfortunately, I haven’t refilled that prescription in close to two years. So I really needed to focus on ways to calm myself down. I immediately knew the first thing I needed to do was to turn off my phone. Constantly scanning my facebook feed wasn’t going to keep me calm. The next, I began to think about the course I am taking right now. In the KBB course by Tony Robins and Dean Graziosi, the very first module you go through is Mastering Your Mindset. In that section there was something that stuck out to me that was so transformational. It was this…

“The words we attach to our experience become our experience”

Jenna Kutcher just used a great example, something we can probably all relate to. Her husband said, “It’s only ten o’clock, Coco (their daughter) doesn’t go down for a nap until one, ugh!” Jenna then flipped that around and said “It’s already ten, man this morning is going by quick.”

The words we choose to use, tell us how to feel. Our words tell us what to focus on. Our words are the meaning we give things.

“Emotions drive actions.”

Download this free worksheet

I really want to help others who may be struggling with their anxiety like I am. Or are struggling to remain calm. I want to share a worksheet with you all that can be really helpful. It will help you identify how you are feeling, it will help you identify the lousy words you are using and words you can replace them with to have a better experience.

I hope you all take action and try to help yourself. Change your mindset. If you find you’re struggling to do so, don’t hesitate to reach out. I would love to talk to you and we can help each other.