I didn’t know my child’s age

Last week while at a friend’s house, a friend asked how old Benjamin is. I answered “he’ll be five months next month.” My sister looked at me and said “Kendra, he’s five months right now!” I of course countered saying “no he’s not.” My husband then looked at me and said “yes, he is.”

Problems of being the third child I guess, your mother forgets your age.

This very embarrassing moment lit a fire in me. I am going to start documenting EVERYTHING! It’s absolutely true what they say. Time really does fly by. I CANNOT believe Ben is five months old, almost six!

As much as I love the cuddling newborn stage, we are now entering my favorite months. Five to nine months of age could be my absolute favorite. They’re really starting to notice everything around them, including their voices. Their toe’s are one of their absolute favorite toys and it couldn’t be any cuter. My husband Devon can give him one glance and Ben’s gummy smile lights up the entire room. I am really going to miss his gummy smile when those toofers come through.

So, while the two older kids were at school, I stripped Ben down and placed him on my bed for a photoshoot. I also said a prayer Ben didn’t choose this moment to finally poop after days of being constipated.

I’m going to be doing a lot more of these videos. Especially with all three of the kids. Watching them interact with Ben is honestly one of the greatest gifts. I never want to forget these moments.