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Tuesday afternoon, Lauren from Gold Mine Digital, took time out of her sunny day in Hawaii, to share with my audience five tips for showing up confidently in Instagram Stories. If you missed this wonderful live session, click here to watch now.

I’m sure you can relate to the guilty pleasure of watching friends and celebrities on Instagram Stories. It feels like a less creepy way of peeking into someone’s life. IG Stories are a great way to connect on a more personal level with your audience. But what if I told you Instagram Stories can serve as a great business tool too.

I don’t know about you but I don’t just follow someone to constantly hear about their product or business. I follow along because I like who they are as a person.

People don’t want to only hear from you when you’re rolling out a product or service. They want the in-between. The person watching wants to quietly observe and think about what you’re talking about. She wants to support someone she knows vs. a random person who paid for an ad to appear on your feed.

They Want Real Time

I’m going to sound like a broken record but I’m going to say it again, people want to see your face. Your audience wants to know who they are potentially going to buy from. They want more than just a perfectly staged still photo.

I know the initial thought of putting yourself out there is the feeling like you need to “perform” or sound perfect. And oh the “supposeded” judgment of others that comes along with it. I GET IT! I thought all of those things once myself too. It took me awhile to get as comfortable as I am now in front of the camera. I mean I’m a photographer, we’re use to being BEHIND the camera.

Lucky for you I brought in Laura with Gold Mine Digital to share with you all 5 easy action steps to feel comfortable and confident on Instagram Stories.

5 Confidence Tips

Five tips to feeling more confident on Instagram Stories with Lauren from Gold Mine Digital.

A Tip From Me

If everything listed above still isn’t doing it for you, I always suggest starting with a Boomerang. It’s a few seconds of you doing something in real time. Have you ever seen anyone post a short video of them jumping in the air and then it starts it all over again? Do a shimmy, give a thumbs up, show you walking, do whatever you want. But at least that gives you a foot in the door to feel comfortable without having to say a word. The best thing about a boomerang is you can do it over and over, until you feel confident that it’s just right. But honestly I wouldn’t over analyze it. Just have fun.

Go Practice!

I hope this blog post and the live video with Lauren and I helped encourage you to get started. Even if it’s only a quick peek behind the scenes. Go browse around on Instagram and start practicing. You can always record, save and upload later until you feel just right. But just get it out there!

For more helpful tips and tricks, browse around the blog. I post a lot of photography tips for your camera and your phone.

Thanks for reading, Have a wonderful day!