My baby turned one!

With the holidays and my daughter’s birthday mixed in the middle I have gotten really behind on my blogging. So here is a post about my little Emma Lou’s 1st birthday. We did a Doc Mcstuffins birthday theme. My mother’s house was a pink and purple explosion for about a week. I had set up a majority of the decorations beforehand so we wouldn’t have to do much on her birthday. Which was the day after Thanksgiving this year. I had a couple of games set up for the different age groups. First game was the doctor kits. I had made each kid 2 years and older a doctor kit which included a stethoscope, check list, crayon, doctor’s coat and ban-aids. The kids had to grab their patient from the waiting room and do an examination on them. They LOVED IT!! I had no idea it would go that well, and they got to take everything home. I am glad the countless hours and helpers of putting those together paid off. The other game was pin the band-aid on the boo-boo. All ages were able to play this one with the help of their parents. I had drawn the lamb and dragon from the show and marked them with boo-boos. Parents had to cover their child’s eyes and place the band-aid on the boo-boo without looking. The closest to the boo-boo won a prize! It was a lot of fun. Then the kiddos created their own game at the end of the night. BALLOON FIGHT!! It was CRAZY!!

It was so much fun. Thank you so much to everyone who came and helped me out! We love you all.

(Cake, cake-pops, cup cakes were all made by my Aunt Cindy, my mother Colette, and some help from a family friend Sue. Cookies made by You Bake Me Happy ((

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