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Why Shadows Matter

10 month old baby showing his cute booty and roles

If you’re a beginning photographer, your number one goal at this time may be to have a bright, and airy photo. But if your image lacks shadows your image can come out looking very flat and won’t stop anyone in their tracks to look at your photo. Shadows are what shape the light, they are...

Make your own light

Bouncing natural window light off of a white pillow onto your photography subject. this will brighten your subject

After reading today’s Instagram post, you now know how to make your images clearer. So now, it’s time to learn something that will set your images apart from everyone elses’! Today’s tip on the blog is a two-in-one. Once I tell you to stop doing this, you might find yourself needing something to help your...

I 100% agree |Des Moines Newborn Photographer

Daughter looks at our printed family photos

I recently came across an article on that made me want to scream, YES! The article explained how physically printing your family pictures off to hang on the walls or put in a frame at their bedside can boost your child’s self-esteem. “Displaying photos prominently in the home sends the message that our family...