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Why Shadows Matter

10 month old baby showing his cute booty and roles

If you’re a beginning photographer, your number one goal at this time may be to have a bright, and airy photo. But if your image lacks shadows your image can come out looking very flat and won’t stop anyone in their tracks to look at your photo. Shadows are what shape the light, they are...

It’s all about Catchlight

Catchlight in this boy's big beautiful brown eyes

The eyes are the most telling feature of a person. Finding the catchlight in your subjects eyes can completely transform an image and the story you’re trying to tell. If you missed my first few tips I shared be sure to click here and check out these other simple but awesome photography tips, that will...

Fall Family Portraits | West Des Moines Iowa

Fall family portraits

Yet another successful fall family portrait. This family could have been one of the sweetest families I have photographed. Big brother was such a huge help getting baby brother to smile. All he had to do was sing Patty cake, Patty cake and baby was full of smiles. And only for big brother. I tried...