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Christmas Mini Sessions 2023

Christmas mini sessions 2023

Christmas mini sessions for 2023 are now LIVE! I have opened up two different dates to accommodate your schedule. BOOK NOVEMBER 12TH HERE BOOK NOVEMBER 19TH HERE This year I changed up the look of my Christmas mini sessions. I wanted something a little bit more timeless looking. I wanted this setup to go with...

I didn’t know my child’s age

five month old baby on white bed

Last week while at a friend’s house, a friend asked how old Benjamin is. I answered “he’ll be five months next month.” My sister looked at me and said “Kendra, he’s five months right now!” I of course countered saying “no he’s not.” My husband then looked at me and said “yes, he is.” Problems...

Fall Family Portraits | West Des Moines Iowa

Fall family portraits

Yet another successful fall family portrait. This family could have been one of the sweetest families I have photographed. Big brother was such a huge help getting baby brother to smile. All he had to do was sing Patty cake, Patty cake and baby was full of smiles. And only for big brother. I tried...

Labradoodle puppies

Iowa Meadow Labradoodle 7 week old puppy

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing these ADORABLE Labradoodle puppies. Seriously could my job get any better. I get to snuggle newborns and puppies?! Yes, this is real life. Two years ago I saw on Facebook that a friend of mine had started a business breeding puppies called Iowa Meadow Labradoodles. She was...