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You Don’t Need a Fancy Preset

How to edit this photo of a baby in the shower in 30 seconds in Lightroom CC

I bet you all have a fancy preset ready to apply to every photo you have. But that preset may change the color of your child’s hair. Or do something you wish it didn’t. I am going to show you how EASY it is to do a basic edit, all on your own. You can...

Why Shadows Matter

10 month old baby showing his cute booty and roles

If you’re a beginning photographer, your number one goal at this time may be to have a bright, and airy photo. But if your image lacks shadows your image can come out looking very flat and won’t stop anyone in their tracks to look at your photo. Shadows are what shape the light, they are...

I didn’t know my child’s age

five month old baby on white bed

Last week while at a friend’s house, a friend asked how old Benjamin is. I answered “he’ll be five months next month.” My sister looked at me and said “Kendra, he’s five months right now!” I of course countered saying “no he’s not.” My husband then looked at me and said “yes, he is.” Problems...

Fall Family Portraits| West Des Moines Family Photographer

Fall Family Portraits

This will be my second year in a row photographing this family for their fall portraits. Their session last year could have been something straight out of a movie. The beautiful golden light, the adorable puppy, the sweet camera family kids and of course the lovey dovey parents. Their fall portraits were stunning. Fast forward...

Fall Family Portraits | West Des Moines Iowa

Fall family portraits

Yet another successful fall family portrait. This family could have been one of the sweetest families I have photographed. Big brother was such a huge help getting baby brother to smile. All he had to do was sing Patty cake, Patty cake and baby was full of smiles. And only for big brother. I tried...